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Founded in 2019, Nova Art Handling is committed to meeting the art handling and installation needs of individuals and businesses in the Greater New England area and beyond.

Run by Ibrahim Ali-Salaam, a professional artist with years of experience working with galleries, Nova is uniquely positioned to work with both private clients and corporations on projects large and small.

We are often asked “How much does it cost to hang pictures?” We charge $95 per hour but work as efficiently as we can. We hang art in New England, but mostly hang artwork in Boston and the surrounding suburbs. We can also transport art. We work hard to hang the painting at the height you prefer. We abide by art handling best practices and are considered part of the fine art handling Boston companies.

Some questions we are asked are “Can you hang art in a bathroom?” the answer is yes, if you have proper ventilation. We are happy to discuss all your hanging needs in a free preliminary consultation if desired (either over the phone, zoom or in person).

We will hang clip art to fine art – it’s up to you! Just get in touch – we’re happy to help!

COVID-19: with the advent of the pandemic, we take all precautions necessary to keep our clients safe. We are fully vaccinated and wear PPE as requested. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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